A Study of Hands (Second Edition)


A Study of Hands is an attempt to remove male intimacy from its sheath. It is an incision into Bodney's romantic relationships, and his evolving relationship with his father. It is the peeling of layers from experiences of love and abuse with men, and how that has translated into the ways Bodney communicates vulnerability.  It is a reconstruction of safety while navigating a revolution of identity, survival, and love all at once.

Edited by Danielle Bennet. Cover design by Cassidy Trier. Interior layout by Ian DeLucca.

68 pages, softcover (matte), 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

ISBN 978-1-945649-01-1

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Edwin Bodney

author information

Edwin Bodney is a Los Angeles native and nationally recognized poet.  He has performed for colleges throughout California including UCLA and USC alongside featuring on TvOne's Verses and Flow.  He has taught for the organization Say Word LA, serving the community as a youth mentor in various high schools and poetry programs.  He is the author of Good Morning: A Story of Flight in the Making, and a current host and curator of one of the largest and longest running poetry venues in the nation, Da Poetry Lounge.