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Lindsay August-Salazar

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Lindsay August-Salazar is a visual artist whose practice spans across many disciplines including painting, performance, movement research, and critique of social language and the public sphere. August-Salazar draws much of her inspiration from neuroscience, philosophy and Laban notation. Upon initial view, August-Salazar’s work appears abstract, though after viewing several paintings a pattern emerges: a series of glyphs that at times change color, scale, or slightly shift in shape. This growing index, entitled Abstract Character Copies (ACC) is an attempt to locate linguistic structures within a visual field. Her work points to an embedded language that situates itself outside capitalistic and hegemonic codes to avail itself towards new visual poetic possibilities. She views her practice under the lens of interdisciplinary painting, where there is a chameleon like slip between authenticity and appropriation, difference and repetition, figuration and abstraction, male/female, white/othered. She aims to discuss the relation and tension between representation and what escapes representation.

She received a B.F.A. from University California Los Angeles - School of the Arts and Architecture in 2008, participated in the Sackler Educator Center at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in 2009, and later received an M.F.A. from University of California Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts College in 2013. She has held residences at The Atlantic Center for the Arts with Dana Shutz and The Studio Program at Redcat with Emily Mast.

August-Salazar has received acknowledgements from publications including The New York Times, Art in America, and Modern Painters.

She is a recipient of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Emerging Artist Grant, Joan Mitchell Foundation Award, the State of California & The Regents of the University California Grant, The Claire Trevor School of Arts Graduate Research and Travel Grant. August-Salazar has been recognized as both a Medici and Sylvia Easton Scholar. She has exhibited nationally as well as internationally and is currently working toward a solo show that will be accompanied with her first monograph published by NOT A CULT in the fall of 2017.